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Let’s Get PlantFit Together

As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach, I am going to work with you to create a custom plan unique to your specific goals and needs, complete with a straightforward, no-nonsense, no-B.S. approach to help you take charge of your health and your body. My approach at One Determined Vegan is both holistic and rooted in nutritional science, not fads.


Throughout our time together I will teach you a step-by-step process for:

  • Using a plant-based lifestyle for optimal health and nutrition, incorporating holistic nutrition and wellness principles.

  • Allowing yourself to feel free and flexible when it comes to your food choices, and embracing a vegan diet for better health.

  • No calorie or macro counting, no weighing your food, EVER!

  • Learning how to make healthy and delicious plant-based recipes simple, with a focus on plant-based recipes.

  • Learning how to listen to your body to reach optimal health through holistic nutrition coaching.

If you’re here seeking out another program full of empty promises like “drop 5 lbs. in 5 days” then this isn't the program for you. But, if you’re sick and tired of being sick and overweight, and want to really learn about how the human body works, then my 12-week program is the one for you. If you want and need to make a lasting change, then it’s time to put the gimmicks and false hopes behind you and embrace a nutrition plan and diet modification that is completely custom to your body and its individual needs, with the support of my group coaching programs.

Group Coaching Structure

  • 12-week program designed to build a healthy relationship around food

  • Full access to a proven step-by-step system designed for optimal weight loss

  • Weekly Q&A Group coaching calls via video conference

  • Full access to easy-to-make plant-based recipes with meal planning

  • Healthy Lifestyle skills based on the Six Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine

  • And so much more!

What You Get

As previously mentioned I was in the U.S. Navy for 12 years, where I learned a myriad of different skills. The most important skill I learned was how to teach, how to instruct, and how to deliver a message in such a way that it allows for a clear understanding of what has to happen to achieve the desired results. With that being said, my holistic nutrition coaching style is similar to that, albeit unorthodox in its delivery. My style of coaching is very different from any other fitness professional out there, but it is extremely effective. Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for one of my group coaching programs.


Each week you will check in with me so that I can evaluate your food choices and progress to see if any adjustments need to be made. Your progress will be tracked weekly via a food journaling app. Weekly check-ins will include food and recipe planning, measurements, and weigh-ins to keep you on track, so we can ensure you haven’t reached a plateau.


No one wants to spend all day weighing their food, counting calories and macro-nutrients. So my coaching philosophy is centered on the idea of a behavior change. Changing the things we do on a consistent basis. This is what will make daily activity and balanced nutrition a seamless part of your everyday life.


Meal planning, meal ideas, grocery lists, and easy plant-based recipes. Upon starting, YOUR customized Nutrition Plan will be selected and it will start based on your current health and weight loss goals. We’ll make a plan based on YOUR current body weight, fitness levels, and health goals. We’ll design a plan based on the needs of your body. We are all individuals with very different gene expressions, so why not design a plan specific to your needs? You will also receive tons of delicious food and easy recipe ideas to keep you consistent and loving what you’re doing.


You’ll be able to contact your personal accountability coach (me) whenever you need help, tips, advice, or just someone to give you some extra encouragement. I am here to help you succeed. I review your food choices and progress WEEKLY so that I’m able to give you recommendations on how to maximize your results and congratulate you on your success.

"When you feel like stopping, think about why you started."

What Our Customers Say About Us

17lbs in 2 Months

"Kelley is very knowledgeable about nutrition. He was empathetic towards my desired health goals. He served as a guide through the toughest parts of my journey. I am down 17lbs in two months after transitioning to vegan."

-Samuel H.

Available Any Time

"My husband and I had our initial consultation, One Determined Vegan set the expectations up front. So we knew what to expect every step of our journey. He was available any time we had questions or got discouraged! I would highly recommend this service to anyone wanting a holistic health coach to help guide them on their healthy lifestyle journey."

- Taheshia H.

Very Doable

"I loved having a 30 day challenge. Phase 1 was also very doable. My overall objectives were met. I moved the needle on the scale, and I learned more about eating vegan. Knowledge is priceless as well as results."

- Lynn C.

Discovery Call

If you are genuinely committed to identifying and addressing the underlying causes of your health imbalances, I invite you to schedule a complimentary call. During this conversation, we will delve into the principles of functional medicine and explore how my services can assist you in uncovering the root cause(s) behind your symptoms.

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