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available any time

"My husband and I had our initial consultation, One Determined Vegan set the expectations up front. So we knew what to expect every step of our journey. He was available any time we had questions or got discouraged! I would highly recommend this service to anyone wanting a holistic health coach to help guide them on their healthy lifestyle journey."

-Taheshia H.

literally Saved My Life

"I give Kelley 5 stars because he has literally saved my life! I was overweight and out of shape so I decided to try the 30 day challenge. I’ve lost 25 lbs, he really cares about people, and he has shown me different recipes and different ways to curb my appetite. I highly recommend him as he is such an inspiration. If you want to live a healthy, happy, and energetic life just take the challenge, you will be glad you did!!"

- Rodney T.

The right fuel

"I’m very thankful for having the opportunity to work with Kelley. He provided so much information and assistance from day one. The 7-day challenge definitely gave me a lot of direction as to what to eat as well how to make the transition seamless. I would recommend him to anyone who even slightly interested in giving their body the right fuel."

- Kemari M.

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